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Projects created by Students and Colleges for key occupational health messages, with a range of different approaches, a mix of communication skills and interviews from the tutors and key influencers.

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LOcHER Project Showcase is an opportunity for you to learn more about how different Colleges around the country approached the LOcHER Project, and see for yourself the direct results from their students. You'll see how each College approached the project differently, producing a broad range of approaches and innovative, engaging results. This Showcase is designed to allow you to take inspiration from their methods, and inspire you to create your own. You'll also hear from the Tutors during their owned filmed interviews. Listen to their stories of engagement and inspiration.

LOcHER Project Showcase eLearning Subjects

avg. 37 minutes
LOcHER Concepts: LOcHER concepts discusses how the concepts of this type of learning can be applied to anyone, whether they are a College student or a worker already within a workplace. It explains the thinking from the HSE and other industry professionals.
LOcHER Highlights: LOcHER Highlights showcases some of the most inspirational LOcHER Projects. This module is designed to show short snapshots of the most exciting elements created by Colleges.
Developing New Approaches: Developing New Approaches discusses different approaches to learning about health and safety. How using different methods such as social media, memes, selfies, selfie films, practical hands-on competitions, hand-made communications such as posters, banners etc. can ignite the curiosity for learning about health and safety issues.
LOcHER Competitions: LOcHER Competitions explains how some Colleges have used inter-department competitions to create extra interest and ignite innovation.
Blackpool & The Fylde College: Showing the LOcHER Project results from the Blackpool & The Fylde College, explaining their individual approach to the LOcHER Project, and highlighting popular projects including those from Consumer Industries (Hospitality), Society Health & Childhood studies (SHaC), Construction, Engineering and Access and Continuing Education.
Preston's College: Showing the LOcHER Project results from from the Preston's College, explaining their individual approach to the LOcHER Project including highlighting projects including Joinery (woodwork), Workshop cleaning, Welding fume, Pharmacy and Dental, and Plumbing.
Dundee & Angus College: This will show the results from the Dundee & Angus College, explaining their individual approach to the LOcHER Project where they investigated the harmful effects of asbestos, including an exclusive interview with asbestos cancer (mesothelioma) sufferer Cliff Inglis.
Coleg Gwent: Showing the Gwent College LOcHER Project results for their Welding Fume project.
South Essex College: Showing the results from the South Essex College, explaining their individual approach to the LOcHER Project including their projects on Paint Spraying and the Safe Removal of Gloves technique.
LOcHER Pioneers: Hear from the pioneering College staff who engaged with the LOcHER Project in its early days. See their individual interviews where they reflect on their experiences with the LOcHER Project. This module also identifies some of the development of the leadership qualities of the students involved in the LOcHER Project.
LOcHER Recognition: Highlighting the industry and media attention attracted by the LOcHER Project, celebrating the awards and rewards generated to acknowledge the innovative approach.
Make It Happen: Encourages educational establishments and employers to utilise the LOcHER Project method to engage with people who may be affected by occupational health or safety related hazards. This module explains that the LOcHER Project method can be used by anyone, and invites you to become involved!
  LOcHER Project Showcase
Learn more about how social media can be used to effectively communicate key messages, and why its particularly useful in reaching a broad group of people such as students, and also why its equally effective for workers and employers. Even if you're a techno-phobe, this section will be useful for you! LOcHER Project Showcase also explains how the same LOcHER Project method can be transferred into workplaces. If you're an employer, just replace your standard health and safety training session with a LOcHER Project style delivery. Schedule your training sessions, hand over the reigns, allow the exploration, encourage a variety of communication methods, showcase and celebrate the innovative results and then tell us about it!

Provided by Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce Training. The LOcHER Project is part of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE's) new strategy #HelpGBWorkWell and was created with Safety Groups UK (SGUK), in consultation with schools, colleges and health and safety industry leaders and supporters. #GetInvolved #locherproject #HelpGBWorkWell
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