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Legionella Awareness

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This Legionella Awareness Course learning outcomes include; Understand legionnaires disease bacteria and how outbreaks can be avoided with maintenance of hot and cold water systems in commercial environments such as an office as well as industrial environments with cooling towers.
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Level 2

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Showing 6 of the 6 included eLearning lessons in this course. The whole course takes on average 38 minutes

Understand how legionella is transmitted, which environments the bacteria thrives in and how to effectively treat it.

Understand the systems at risk of spreading legionella and the measures that can help to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Learn about the various types of legislation that specifically apply where there may be a foreseeable risk of legionella.

Understand why it is important to carefully manage cleanliness on a regular basis to prevent legionella.

Understand how to manage of water systems properly by recording and monitoring data in a log book.

All trainees receive a globally recognized & subject informative Certificate of Completion as proof of successfully completing the training. Certificates are permanently stored in your account, always accessible online, and downloadable in PDF format too.

About this course
Level 2
Legionella Awareness Course

This online course includes all of the 6 lessons above. It is designed to develop the trainees Legionella Awareness skills for health and safety compliance in the workplace, providing valuable real-world learning outcomes at a high speed. It's used by individuals, groups and businesses to train their workforce across industries including Education & Schools, Manufacturing & Engineering, Government & Institution, Charities & NGO, Oil, Gas & Mining, Travel & Leisure, Care Homes & Domiciliary Care, Hospital Recruitment, Logistics & Maritime, among others.

Provided by Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce Training based in Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire, it's accessible at anytime online from an internet connected device at work or home, such as a computer, tablet or smart phone. Teams have access to a highly rated LMS and all successfully completing trainees achieve a Certificate of Completion.

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce Training

Legionella Awareness eLearning

This legionella awareness course is designed for those involved in the management of legionella including the maintenance activities. The course looks at the history of the organism to provide an understanding of how and when an outbreak can occur, and the impact that this might have on people including workers, contractors and the public, amongst others.

The course looks at common sources of the bacteria, and explains how legionella bacteria can grow (including growth within biofilm), and the methods of control which might be used to control the bacteria (including the temperature ranges to avoid). Vulnerable individuals are also identified, as the risk of contraction of the disease increases with age, but some groups of people are at a higher risk.

Course Tags: legionella, bacteria, legionnaires disease, outbreak, l-cysteine, L8, acop, cleaning, hot, cold, water, system, housekeeping, risk assessment, maintenance, outbreak, public, health, biofilm, control, temperature, vulnerable, spa, pool, cooling, drift eliminators, treatment, storage, tank, housekeeping, design, level 2,

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